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At Harmony Oaks Recovery Center we provide a patient-centered approach to addiction treatment and mental health services to put you on the path to a successful and long-lasting recovery. 

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We provide Lifelong recovery

Supporting lifelong recovery and addiction prevention in the Chattanooga area and beyond

Harmony Oaks Recovery Center is committed to providing the primary phase of care in the journey to recovery. We understand the importance of building a strong foundation during the early stages that will follow into the transitional phases of treatment. Our treatment philosophy stems from a recovery model that provides individualized support through holistic and evidence-based practices.

Harmony Oaks Recovery Center fosters a community in which all patients achieve their full potential for health, long term recovery and well-being across the lifespan. We are proud to be trusted by patients and their loved ones, a valued partner in the behavioral health community, and creators of positive change.

Our Staff

only the best care

At Harmony Oaks Recovery Center our team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals cater to the specific needs of each patient on an individual level. 

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