6 Classic Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks for Celebrating Cinco De Mayo Sober

Cinco De Mayo can be a triggering holiday for people in recovery. Most Americans don’t even know what the holiday is for (spoiler alert: it isn’t Mexican Independence Day) but have turned it into an excuse to down tequila shots and get wasted. “Cinco De Drinko” as it’s often called is now one of America’s biggest “drinking holidays” and as a result, sober people often feel left out or unable to celebrate. 

But it doesn’t need to be this way. It’s totally possible to enjoy the holiday without substance abuse and we’ve listed 5 Classic Non-Alcoholic Mexican Drinks to provide it! Just add some sunshine, music, and some classic Mexican eats. Ole!

1. Horchata

horchata 6

Would this really be a list of Mexican drinks without Horchata? We think not! A true classic, this cold cinnamon-y milky drink is perfect for Cinco De Sober. This recipe from Cooking Classy will get you in the spirit in no time. 

2. Cucumber Ginger Mint Agua Fresca 

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Agua Fresca literally means “fresh water” in Spanish but in this context it’s more like “refreshing water.” It’s a classic Mexican non-alcoholic drink. This ultra-refreshing version from A Spicy Perspective combines lime, cucumber, mint, and ginger. Yes please!

3. Mexican Punch

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This citrusy-sweet punch with a touch of pink from the grenadine is a winner. Save some limes for slicing and garnishing, fancy! The recipe by the Pioneer Woman can be found here

4. Grilled Pineapple Lime Blended Drink

PineappleLimeMocktail3 750x502 1

This one is for the over-achievers out there! But honestly, it looks well worth the effort. Plus, if you’ve already got the grill going for carne asada, why not throw on some pineapple too? Full recipe from The MerryThought here.

5. Watermelon Agua Fresca

watermelon agua fresca

The second Agua Fresca on this list (and seriously, there are so many more good ones out there), this Watermelon Agua Fresca by Dinner At The Zoo is the perfect way to use the newly-in-season fruit. 

6. Jarritos

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Ok, this one isn’t a recipe but these fruity bottled Mexican soft drinks are so delicious and perfect for your Cinco De Sober celebration (at home). Find them at a Mexican grocery store or your local Walmart.

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