Meth addiction can tear apart lives. It involves a drug that is highly addictive. Whether you are abusing the drug recently or you have been doing so for a long time, our team here at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center can help you to get past the addictive lifestyle and into one that is substance-free and happier.

Common Signs of Meth Addiction

Meth does not always affect each person’s body, brain and personality in the same ways. However, there are some common signs of meth addiction that everyone should know about such as:

  • Losing interest in their hobbies
  • Making risky financial decisions
  • Isolating from their peer group and/or loved ones
  • Neglecting relationships due to being high or seeking out the drug
  • Obsessing over certain tasks such as organizing laundry or files
  • Stealing to get money so they can buy methamphetamine
  • Clumsiness that seems to come out of nowhere
  • Forgetting social or family dates such as birthday parties
  • Making immoral choices such as cheating on a spouse
  • Erratic sleep patterns such as staying awake for 2 days and sleeping for a day
  • Becoming extremely talkative or full of energy
  • Losing appetite
  • Becoming very aggressive

These are some of the common ways that meth addiction can impact a person’s life. If you are struggling with this type of addiction, don’t let it keep taking hold over your life. You can get things going well for you again. Our team here at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center would like to help you do this.

Common Signs of Methamphetamine Use

When someone uses methamphetamine, it can impact their psychological and physical state.

Physical Symptoms of Meth Use

Some of the common ways that meth can impact a person’s physical health include:

  • Sweating a lot more than usual
  • Suddenly losing a lot of weight
  • Experiencing irregular breathing
  • Having regular nosebleeds
  • Sores don’t heal quickly
  • Pupils are usually dilated
  • Having burns on their fingers or lips
  • Track marks between their toes, fingers, or other spots on their body
  • Teeth are rotting quickly
  • Having bad brought (partly caused by the rotting teeth and drug use)
  • Looks like they are aging very quickly

If you notice these signs in anyone, it is possible they are using meth. They may need a treatment program to help them overcome the addiction.

Psychological Signs of Meth Use

There are many ways that meth use can impact a person psychologically, as well, such as:

  • Experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress, and agitation
  • Becoming paranoid or having hallucinations
  • Having severe mood swings, nervousness, or fidgeting
  • Feeling like they have tiny bugs picking at or crawling under their skin

If someone is experiencing these signs, they may be using meth. If they are using this drug, hopefully, you and others can talk them into getting treatment right away.

If you are the one using methamphetamine, reach out to our team for help today.

Get Meth Addiction Treatment Today

There are millions of people who use methamphetamine. Unfortunately, this drug is highly addictive and can take control over a person’s life very quickly. If you have been using meth or you know someone that has, there are treatment programs available to help you overcome the addiction to this drug.

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