What is Partnered Supportive Housing?

Partnered supportive housing is a community of homes that are dedicated to those who need a safe, substance-free environment during or after a drug or alcohol rehab program. Partnered supportive housing is an increasingly popular option, especially among people engaged in PHP or IOP treatment for mental health or addiction. Learning more about partnered supportive housing can help you to determine if it is something that would be best during your recovery journey.

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Learning to integrate the tools of recovery into your life is essential to success. Recovery homes like ours offer a perfect opportunity to exercise new habits in a safe space. Combined with our evidence-based therapy model, a stay in a recovery home can accelerate progress.

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Unlike most programs, Harmony Oaks Recovery also provides primary mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. We treat the whole person. Even if a substance use disorder is not part of your story, we have the care you need and deserve here. If you do have a substance use disorder with a co-occurring mental health challenge – you are in the right place. As part of the Harmony Recovery Group family, our entire treatment program is fortified by the assurance only evidence-based care can provide. This means we use therapies which are proven effective by clinical research. It is one more reason why Harmony Oaks is a trusted leader in addiction and mental health treatment.

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Whether you have family, career or school responsibilities, we will find a match for your lifestyle. Harmony Oaks Recovery offers flexible programs designed to be accessible to nearly anyone. Our commitment to excellence in healthcare is part of the Harmony Recovery Group family of treatment programs.

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The Harmony Oaks treatment program is built upon evidence-based treatment principles. Our mission is to provide the gold standard in addiction and mental health treatment. We do this by putting patients first and utilizing clinically proven methods of treatment you can trust.

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As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family of treatment programs, we are able to work with many private insurance plans.

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