What To Bring For Your Stay at Harmony Oaks


When you’re considering what to bring, make sure to plan for the weather changes in Tennessee. Chattanooga enjoys a continental climate with warm, humid summers, as is common in the South, and wet but mild winters. It typically only snows only once per year, but rain is a more common occurrence.

Below are the average Highs and Lows in Chattanooga each month:

January – High 50˚/ Low 33˚
February – High 54˚/ Low 37˚
March – High 63˚/ Low 44˚
April – High 72˚/ Low 53˚
May – High 79˚/ Low 63˚
June – High 85˚/ Low 70˚
July – High 88˚/ Low 73˚
August – High 88˚/ Low 73˚
September – High 82˚/ Low 67˚
October – High 72˚/ Low 56˚
November – High 62˚/ Low 46˚
December – High 53˚/ Low 38˚


During your last levels of care you will be assimilating to partnered supportive housing. Part of this will be learning job skills such as interviewing, resume building, career searching and/or furthering your education. If you have the proper clothing it is a great idea to bring it so that you are prepared for any opportunity that may arise.

Comfort Items

Bring essential items you use daily to help you acclimate to your time in treatment. Personal care items, books, and even small tokens of home can be nice to bring with you. Many patients find it helpful to bring a journal to help them reflect and document their recovery journey.

What to Bring: Suggested items

  • Loose fitting clothing
  • Athletic Wear
  • Light Sweater
  • Socks & Undergarments
  • Sleepwear
  • Bathing Suit
  • Pair of Sneakers
  • Pair of Sandals
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Hairbrush or comb
  • Life at Harmony Oaks

Harmony Oaks’ success starts at the team level, employing a close-knit, friendly, and supportive team who are deeply passionate about what they do. This passion is brought to the patient level, where they can expect a warm and caring environment in which to begin their recovery journey. Harmony Oaks is a place for deep healing, with patients supported every step of the way by people who truly care

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