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Harmony Oaks Recovery Center delivers compassionate care for people living with mental illness. We can help build a new life for you or your loved one.

One of our primary objectives is to help clients move towards self-love and leave shame behind. Mental illness is one of the few health problems that can unfortunately have a certain degree of shame associated with it. We treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma and more.

We know that your time is valuable, and we only have a limited amount of it to work with our patients. Everything we do is targeted at not only healing our clients but empowering them with new understanding so that they may better manage their own conditions moving forward. As a part of the Harmony Healing Group family of treatment programs, we employ evidence-based treatment. This means we rely upon methods which have been proved effective under peer-reviewed scientific research. We believe that self-knowledge and an understanding of your own diagnosis is an essential part of recovery.

Our program gives clients the choice of living at home while attending treatment or living at one of our affiliated recovery residences just a few blocks away from our facility. Treatment at the Partial-Hospitalization or PHP level includes a full day of treatment, similar to an inpatient program. Group and individual therapy are included along with wellness focused activities such as meditation and yoga.

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Most Insurance Accepted

As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family of treatment programs, we are able to work with many private insurance plans.

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You deserve to become your best self. With decades of combined experience in mental health treatment, we are uniquely equipped to help you overcome a substance use disorder or manage any mental health condition.

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