New TN Behavioral Health Treatment Center Opens- Summit At Harmony Oaks
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Newport, TN- May 12, 2022 – – Deja Gilbert, PhD, CEO of Harmony Recovery Group, today announced the opening of their new behavioral health treatment facility, greatly expanding access to care across the region. The new facility, Summit at Harmony Oaks Recovery Center, offers inpatient detox and residential mental health care to those in need.

Summit at Harmony Oaks campus is situated on over 100 acres of a picturesque and private property nestled in the Smoky Mountains. The accommodations are comparable to a luxury alpine retreat and designed to promote peace of mind, wellness and healing. The inpatient detox provides safe and comfortable medical detoxification with 24-hour nursing support. The expansive yet intimate mental health facility offers residential treatment for mental health disorders with clinical and medical staff support on-site 24 hours a day.

As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family of treatment programs, Summit at Harmony Oaks carries forth the trusted brand of evidence-based care. The facility is led by licensed professionals, with a medical team led by Dr. Jill Thompson, board-certified in addiction medicine with over 20 years of experience, as well as a nursing team and other medical professionals. Summit at Harmony Oaks is licensed by the state of Tennessee to treat addiction and mental health, which are separately positioned on the property.

Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Deja Gilbert, PhD, LMHC, LPC states:

“It has been my honor to lead the team at Harmony Recovery Group who have worked diligently to bring Summit to fruition. Summit [at Harmony Oaks] expands the broad range of services Harmony offers in Tennessee by now offering a state-of-the-art medical detoxification center as well as a separate residential mental health treatment center both in a luxurious and serene setting.

We are proud of our newest addition to Harmony and excited to see new clients benefitting from the first-rate care we provide. We have seen a dramatic increase in the need for residential mental health services and have created an amazing program to help those in need while serving the community with vital and needed resources. It is a privilege to play such an important role in the lives of our clients seeking hope and wellness. Never losing sight of the needs of the people entrusted to our care is what has made Harmony a cut above most treatment centers. We know Summit is going to make Harmony an even more extraordinary place to heal and recover while adding more service offerings for those struggling.”

About Harmony Recovery Group and Summit at Harmony Oaks

Harmony Oaks Recovery Center and Summit at Harmony Oaks are members of the Harmony Recovery Group, LLC family of treatment centers, the first of which opened in Florida in 2015. The group has since opened nine additional facilities across the Eastern and Midwestern United States focused on behavioral healthcare programming for mental health and substance abuse care. Harmony Recovery Group programs are well-known for their compassionate, patient centered philosophy and modern evidence-based treatment modalities.

“Our mission is to provide individualized, evidence-based treatment in a comfortable, compassionate and caring environment where clients can feel safe and are encouraged to live a life of wellness.”


For more information or if someone you know is suffering from mental health or substance use disorder, please call us at (423) 537-4286.

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