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Addiction does not have to steal another moment of joy. We can help you stop the cycle. Outpatient detox is designed to fit your life.

Far too many people avoid getting help for their addiction because they believe it will require commitments they cannot make or money they do not have. Outpatient detox is the bridge to recovery for people who thought the help they needed was out of reach. Believe that you can recover. We have seen the miracle of recovery happen for so many who were hopeless. We can help you too.

Harmony Oaks Outpatient Detox program is tailor-made for people who need help without leaving their entire life behind. Conventional inpatient detox and treatment programs work, but they aren’t always the right fit for everyone. People with careers or families cannot always afford to disappear for 30 days or more. The Harmony Oaks Outpatient Detox program is built to fit the way you live. Our mission is to get you healthy and functioning well without disrupting your life.

We use evidence-based detox protocols to help you comfortably detox without a lengthy inpatient stay. Outpatient detox may not be the right fit for the most severe cases that require acute care, but many people find them ideal. We utilize long-acting medications such as buprenorphine to help alleviate withdrawal discomfort. Our detox taper for non-acute opiate users is a convenient way to halt the cycle of addiction.

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As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group network of treatment programs, we can work with most private insurance plans.