Reporting Prescription Drug Abuse

Does a loved one or friend of yours abuse prescription drugs? If so, have you wished you could do something different to help them overcome the substance abuse or addiction? Have you heard of reporting the illegal use or sale of prescription drugs to the DEA? The Drug Enforcement Administration has had a toll-free hotline for international use for many years. It is a hotline where people can report abuse, distribution and sale of prescription drugs such as Percocet, Vicodin and OxyContin. Whether you know of these things happening with a loved one, in your neighborhood or online, you can report it to the DEA. 

There are also interventions you can have with a loved one or friend about their prescription drug abuse. If you can get through to them and they realize they need help to overcome their addiction, have them reach out to us here at Harmony Oaks Recovery today. We can help them to detox and get into the treatments they need.

Why is a Hotline Needed to Report Prescription Drug Abuse

Wouldn’t it be nice if with one basic call you could help to save a life? Well, this is the primary reason why a hotline is needed to report prescription drug abuse. People throughout Mexico and the United States have a safe, anonymous and free option for bringing information about illegal use, sales or distribution of prescription drugs to the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

The information that is delivered to the hotline also helps the DEA to get justice for victims of prescription drug abuse caused by drug dealers. The DEA can bring those dealers to justice and prevent many more deaths and addictions from occurring, as well. 

Self-Medication or Prescription Drugs

It doesn’t matter whether someone starts abusing their own prescription drugs or they self-medicate with someone else’s drugs or through drugs provided by a drug dealer – either way, they are going to experience the effects of those drugs. They are going to be at risk of addiction no matter the route in which they take these drugs, as well. 

No matter how the substance use issues began, the end result can turn out the same – addiction and possible overdose. If you or someone you know is abusing prescription drugs or self-medicating with medications, please get the help that is needed to quit. You can start receiving help by reaching out to our Harmony Oaks Recovery team today.

Statistics Regarding Substance Use Disorders and Illegal Drug Use

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health done in 2015, almost 21 million people 12 and older had a substance use disorder. Out of that number, around 16 million people had an alcohol use disorder and almost 8 million people had an illicit drug use disorder. While these numbers are already alarming, there are so many cases that aren’t reported. Some people aren’t aware they have a substance use disorder or may not be ready to admit they have an addiction yet. 

According to a 2012 study by the United States National Institue on Drug Abuse, around 2 million United States citizens had unhealthy levels of or addictive use of prescription opioids. Around 465,000 of these people have an addiction to heroin, often being addicted to prescription pain medications, too. 

The Drug Enforcement Administration particularly wants to hear from families of those who overdosed or died after buying drugs online. If you have tips to certain websites, it could help to get more of these businesses offline and out of business, saving more lives. Do you have any tips to these sites? Reach out to the DEA today. 

If you need help finding a loved one addiction treatment, contact our Harmony Oaks Recovery team right away. 

Continued Prescription Drug Abuse is Risky

Continued prescription drug abuse is risky. There are numerous health effects that are extensive and severe. Depending on which drug is being abused, it can cause a number of issues including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Acting without awareness
  • Kidney and/or liver damage
  • Respiratory issues
  • Slow brain, kidney, and liver function decline
  • Heart issues 
  • Fatal illnesses over time
  • Drug overdose 

No matter how long someone has been abusing drugs, they can still experience these effects with continued use, even if they haven’t happened yet. 

Not only that, but negligent and dangerous actions occur with prescription drug abuse. It can harm relationships, impair the safety of the drug users and those around them, sometimes in life-threatening ways. Abusing prescription drugs can also alter perception, impair breathing and cause fatal circulatory issues.

If you know of someone that is abusing these drugs, it may be time to report prescription drug abuse. We know that it can be difficult to do this, especially with a friend or a loved one, but you could be helping to save their life by doing so. 

Share the Information You Know

Now that you know who to report prescription drug abuse to and how to get someone with an addiction help, you can start doing your part in reducing the number of prescription drug abuse cases and deaths. 

You can also share the information provided to you here today, so that others can start doing their part, as well. If you need the Drug Enforcement Administration’s contact info it is and 1-877-RxAbuse or 1-877-792-2873. It is free to call them anytime of the day or night. 

Get Someone Help Who Has Prescription Drug Abuse Issues Today

If you have a loved one or a friend who has prescription drug abuse issues, now is the time to stand up and help them. Sure, they may not like the fact that you report prescription drug abuse or that you try to help them, but if they do get into recovery, they might thank you later. Even if they don’t thank you, you could be doing everything in your power to save theirs and other people’s lives. 

Contact us today, here at Harmony Oaks Recovery, if your friend, loved one or yourself needs prescription drug abuse treatments.

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