Memorial Day Sober Tips

Each year, Memorial Day falls on the last Monday in May. While it might feel a bit different this year, to most people it’s also the unofficial start of summer. But for people in sobriety it can also spell trouble. For many people, Memorial Day tends to go hand-in-hand with drinking. So how do you celebrate without putting your sobriety at risk? Here are some of the best Memorial Day sober tips.

Honor our Servicemen

We often forget what these holidays are all about. Memorial Day is about honoring and remembering the military personnel who died fighting for our country. If you are having a tough time staying sober this Memorial Day, remember what the day is about. One of the best Memorial Day sober tips is to reach out to any loved ones or friends in the service. If you have loved ones who died in the service, take time to remember them. 

Get Outside

This is pretty universal on Memorial Day: spending time outside with friends and family. Whether you’re at the beach, the lake or in someone’s backyard, it’s a day to enjoy some nice weather. With everything going on, going over to friend’s houses or public spaces is probably a no-go. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside! Take a walk, sit on the porch, or even take a drive with the windows down. We all know that nature is good for our health, so get out and soak up some sunshine. 

Have a (Sober) Barbecue

The unofficial start of summer is also the unofficial start of grilling season. So, pull the barbecue out of the garage or take the cover off and fire it up! If we’re going traditional, I’d say go with hamburgers and hot dogs. But if you want to mix it up, carne asada, steaks, or even grilled veggies are great choices. Your “co-quarantiners” will be grateful (or if it’s just you, you’ve made yourself a great celebratory feast)!

Zoom in to a Support Group Meeting

Holidays are always tough in sobriety, why not reach out for some extra support? Even if you can’t go in person, Zoom groups are still a great way to stay connected and committed to the program. 

Make it a Mental Health Day 

Who says you have to do anything today? Take this extra day off and dedicate it to yourself and your well-being. Take a trip down memory lane and re-read your recovery journal. Or you could meditate, order takeout, or spend time on one of your hobbies. Check out our article on Self-Care for Sobriety over on Harmony Recovery Center’s blog.

However, you choose to spend the day, be proud of yourself and how far you’ve come in your recovery journey. Know that it is the worthiest cause you’ve ever committed to, and prioritizing your sobriety is always a good decision.

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