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Living recovery is a treasure. Our program is dedicated to making recovery attainable and enduring for the people entrusted to our care.

Research has proven Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to be one of the most effective opioid treatment options. That makes it a logical and essential component of our evidence-based care philosophy. The fact is that MAT measurably improves a patient’s chances of success. By relieving cravings and discomfort, patients can direct their energy into recovery.

MAT is most often associated with IOP treatment for opioids. However, it has proven successful in alcohol addiction treatment, benzodiazepine addiction treatment and crystal meth addiction. Medication Assisted Treatment is about more than just medicine. MAT is a system that includes psychotherapy. All of these components work together to support recovery. MAT is especially effective in early recovery and for people who have been to treatment more than once.

Recovery is a mission and a purpose. We believe every person should use every tool that works best for them. The movement towards evidence-based care in the substance abuse treatment space has made MAT more popular than ever before. Harmony Oaks provides all our MAT clients with a definitive plan to reach their recovery goals.

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As a member of the Harmony Recovery Group family of treatment programs, we are able to work with many private insurance plans.

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