Why Choose Short-Term Rehab

The disease of addiction can be properly treated and managed, just as many other diseases can. However, despite several different treatment options available to Americans, the majority of those who are addicted to substances like alcohol, prescription painkillers, and heroin, do not get the treatment that they need in order to address their addiction properly.

To date, there has never been treatment approach that has proven to be as effective as traditional therapeutic treatment paired with medication (if necessary). Short-Term Rehab in Chattanooga offers this kind of evidence-based programming for those looking to recover from addiction and substance use disorders.

What Does Short-Term Rehab In Chattanooga Look Like?

A short-term rehab program typically lasts anywhere from 28-30 days, however, some individuals might stay a couple days longer depending on their needs. During this time, individuals will participate in several different therapeutic treatment modalities designed to uncover and address the issues surrounding the substance use disorder and execute a plan that will support successful recovery going forward.

Each short-term rehab program is different, however, at our Short-Term Rehab in Chattanooga, we utilize therapy as the foundation of our program. While an individual is recovering with us, we will not only provide him or her with a structured daily schedule, but we will also keep him or her busy by staying connected to various forms of therapeutic treatments. Some of the most popular therapies that we provide at our Short-Term Rehab in Chattanooga are capable of promoting positive growth.

Individual Therapy

When entering into a short-term rehab program, there is not much time to begin with, which is why it is important to get started in individual therapy right away. Through individual therapy, patients can begin working on themselves without any other distractions. They will work with a certified therapist who will help identify the biggest issues that he or she has in an effort to find ways to work through them and manage them better than they were prior to individual therapy. For many, individual therapy helps to provide a proper diagnosis for them (e.g., Tom has a co-occurring disorder that includes alcohol use disorder and bipolar disorder), which opens up the doors for further treatment that can begin addressing the specifics of that condition.

Group Therapy

In Short-Term Rehab in Chattanooga, patients will participate in group therapy sessions daily. Within these sessions, other patients within the treatment center will gather together and begin processing their addictions as a group. One exercise that patients might partake in is role-playing. For example, one patient can play the role of a significant other who is addicted to drugs, while another patient can play the role of the significant other who is not. They can then act out a scenario where the addicted individual used the grocery money to buy drugs. As the scene plays out, the facilitator of the therapy sessions can help the two navigate in ways that allow everyone involved to learn.

Behavioral Therapy

As addiction causes individuals to develop compulsive behaviors that change the way in which they function, it is important to include behavioral therapy in their short-term rehab plan. Behavioral therapy, which can include the ever-popular cognitive behavioral therapy, encourages patients to identify problematic behaviors, find ways to understand them in a different light, and go forward with the intention of changing said behaviors. On paper, it sounds simple, however, it can be extremely challenging to apply behavioral therapy skills to one’s life. During a patient’s stay, he or she will consistently engage in this type of therapy so that he or she has a true understanding of it and is able to appropriately incorporate it into his or her life.

Other popular therapies that are included in our Short-Term Rehab in Chattanooga include family therapy, 12-Step programming, and holistic therapy.

Who is Short-Rehab Best Suited For?

Short-term rehab is a specific kind of treatment that is not always best for all who are recovering from a substance use disorder. For example, someone who has struggled to maintain his or her sobriety after countless attempts at professional treatment is probably not a good fit for short-term rehab, as he or she likely requires more time to recover. However, someone who is willing to go to treatment does not need to detox, and is not experiencing several other conditions at the same time can benefit from Chattanooga short-term rehab. Short-term rehab is just that – short. Which is why those who participate in this form of care should be those who do not require lengthy and complex treatment approaches.

It is important to remember that while short-term rehab is appealing to most, as it does not take them away from their lives for a prolonged period of time, it is not always appropriate for everyone. Working with an admissions counselor, an interventionist, or other mental health professional can help you determine if our Short-Term Rehab in Chattanooga is the right kind of treatment approach for you.

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If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, you do not need to continue on with your compulsive use. You can stop using and do so within a relatively short period of time. When you establish sobriety, you can continually work on your recovery, where you will learn how to live a life that is fulfilled, happy, and healthy.

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