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Sober Living

People who struggle with addiction or mental health disorders often find it difficult to work through these issues in their own home. Most of the time, it is due to another person using alcohol or drugs or just the stress of responsibilities in that home. If this is the case for you or someone you know, a sober living home might be a better place to stay while you are receiving treatment for the mental health disorder or addiction.

What is a Sober Living Home

If you do have an addiction or mental health disorder and are considering staying in a sober living home while getting treatment, it might help to know more about these homes first. A sober living home community is:

  • Someplace where you can live when working on your recovery from addiction or mental health issues
  • A place where you can feel at peace
  • >Community where everyone is recovering and trying to achieve their best life
  • Place that supports your recovery and sobriety

Alcohol, drugs and negative lifestyle choices are not permitted in these communities. Everyone must respect each other and their recovery journeys. 

What are the Best Ways You Can Benefit from Sober Living During a Treatment Program

If you are going to start treatment for an addiction or mental health disorder, it may be a good idea to live in one of these communities. There are many ways that you can benefit from staying in sober living homes during your treatment program including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Getting the support you need for your recovery journey
  • Having a quiet, clean, and safe place to get sober and work on your treatment plan
  • Being able to have a curfew that helps you to enforce new recovering lifestyle habits you are trying to create
  • Having a sense of calmness and serenity while you work on your recovery
  • Being around others who share your sense of a positive, sober, and peaceful new lifestyle

Now that you know how the sober living communities can benefit you, it will be easier to decide if this is the route you want to take in your recovery. If it is or even if you just have more questions about this type of living situation during treatment, let us know. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have or to guide you in making the best decision for your current situation

Enter Into a Sober Living Community Today

If you decide that the sober living situation is best for you, our team can help to get you enrolled in the community. There will be an assessment and paperwork. You will be required to be in a treatment program of some sort, whether that be for treating an addiction or a mental health disorder. Once you are all set up, the team will get you situated in the sober living community. 

Are you ready to change your life for the better? If so, contact us today to enter into a sober living community. 

We are available 24/7 to answer your calls and address online inquiries.

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Unlike most programs, Harmony Oaks Recovery also provides primary mental health treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders and more. We treat the whole person. Even if a substance use disorder is not part of your story, we have the care you need and deserve here. If you do have a substance use disorder with a co-occurring mental health challenge – you are in the right place. As part of the Harmony Recovery Group family, our entire treatment program is fortified by the assurance only evidence-based care can provide. This means we use therapies which are proven effective by clinical research. It is one more reason why Harmony Oaks is a trusted leader in addiction and mental health treatment.

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