5 Alcohol Rehab Treatments that Really Work

Effective Alcohol Rehab Treatments

  No one wants to go to alcohol rehab any more than they need to. Focusing on the most effective alcohol rehab treatments can ensure your time in treatment is well spent. In this article, Harmony Oaks Recovery Center compiles a list of the 5 most effective alcohol rehab treatments. We’ll explain what each one is, where to find it and how it can help you overcome alcoholism. Evidence-based addiction care is a term you may have seen before. Simply put, this means care that is based upon scientific evidence. That is, it has been proven effective by a scientific study. That’s a great place to start when trying to home in on practical treatment that really works.  

#1. Alcohol Detox in Chattanooga

  Medically supervised detox is the first of the alcohol rehab treatments most people should begin with. Anyone who is drinking enough to require treatment is likely to experience withdrawal symptoms if they abruptly stop. Withdrawal symptoms often elicit cravings, which can lead to relapse. Even more concerning is the fact that alcohol withdrawal is potentially fatal. Never attempt to detox yourself from alcohol without medical supervision. An alcohol detox in Chattanooga can not only make you more comfortable, but it may also even save your life.  

#2. Dual-Diagnosis Treatment for Alcoholism

  Dual-diagnosis alcohol rehab treatments identify and treat co-occurring disorders. In simple language, if you have an addiction to alcohol, there’s a good chance you also have another underlying condition like depression, anxiety or even PTSD. Left untreated, co-occurring conditions can complicate recovery. Seeking dual-diagnosis treatment is a wise approach. Even if you aren’t sure if you have a secondary condition an evaluation is a sensible precaution.  

#3. Individual Addiction Therapy

  One-on-one therapy is an evidence-based alcohol rehab treatment you should insist upon. The best addiction treatment programs will be connected to alcohol detox in Chattanooga to stabilize the patient and then offer individual therapy as soon as the patient is comfortable and ready. The privacy individual therapy offers is essential to get people to really open and be honest. Honesty is a cornerstone of recovery. Without it your recovery is like a house of cards. So, get that individual therapy and get honest!  

#4. Group Addiction Therapy

  Group therapy isn’t always people’s first choice. However, it is also an evidence-based model of treatment that is very effective. Believe it or not, it’s just as important as those individual one-on-one sessions. Sometimes it’s even more important. Recovery isn’t a solo effort. We need to connect to others to understand we aren’t alone. As our recovery progresses, helping others who are on the same path will become one of the things that best help us stay sober. Give group therapy a chance and don’t just sit back, participate.  

#5. Medication-Assisted Treatment

  Medication-assisted treatment or MAT is most often associated with opioid addiction treatment. But it is also one of the more effective alcohol rehab treatments out there. Disulfiram helps recovering alcoholics avoid relapse in early recovery. It does so by producing unpleasant side effects if alcohol is consumed. Naltrexone helps by reducing the euphoric effects of alcohol. Acamprosate is another MAT option for alcohol use disorders. It works by reducing cravings. Many people in alcohol detox or later stages of treatment have found that anti-depressants such as Wellbutrin help by alleviating depression making early sobriety easy to manage.  

Alcohol Rehab Treatments are Most Effective When Combined

  Synergy is when a combination of factors together produces a greater effect than just the sum of their separate effects. Put another way, using more than one thing at a time to help you have a sort of ‘supercharging’ effect. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is helpful. But it could become much more effective if someone has had their condition diagnosed and begun medication to alleviate symptoms. With depression or anxiety better managed, a patient becomes more comfortable. They open up more and therapy is more effective as a result. It’s a win-win. That’s just one small example of the type of synergy we see when evidence-based alcohol rehab treatments are combined.  

You and the People You Love Deserve Help

  You deserve a life in recovery. Your loved one deserves that too.  Harmony Oaks Recovery Center is here to help you access alcohol addiction treatment in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. We can verify insurance benefits and let you know what you can do with your insurance benefits so you can make your next move.  Call Harmony Oaks Recovery Center at (865) 217-2883 and we’ll help you change the course of your or your loved one’s life for the better. We can definitely help, but you need to make the first move.

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