5 Must-Have Services for a Rehab in Chattanooga TN

Here Are 5 Must-Have Services for a Rehab in Chattanooga, TN

The rehab program that you choose plays a major role in your recovery. Everyone that is trying to make a full recovery from substance abuse has specific treatment needs. Your recovery program must have those services, or you risk not having what you need to recover. Here is a deeper look at the 5 must-have services for a rehab in Chattanooga, TN.

Intense Individual Treatment

One of the most important parts of rehab treatment is the individual treatment options. Group work can be effective in increasing benefits for everyone. However, the focus must be on helping each person through their specific problems. Individual treatment often includes therapy with a licensed counselor and other forms of treatment. The quality of this intensive treatment program is the most important factor in your recovery program. It will set you up for a stronger and long-lasting recovery. Individual treatment consists of more than just counseling sessions. There are many forms of individual therapy ranging from work therapy to animal therapy. Every program is slightly different in the options that it offers. Review those options carefully to see if they fit your needs and interests. Programs that fit you better will also give you a better chance at a lasting recovery.

High-Quality Evaluations and Referrals

The quality of your treatment begins with an assessment. At the beginning of treatment, the program must evaluate you. This evaluation should look for:

  • Current medical condition
  • Mental health condition
  • Substance abuse history
  • Treatment history
  • Factors that affect your addiction
  • The factors that can help you stay sober
  • Family life and social connections
  • Financial situation and employment situation
  • Other obligations (kids, family members, etc.)

Taking all of these factors into account is important since it helps the facility build a program for you. A deep, detailed look at your situation means that the program can be made to fit your needs. In many cases, facilities that cannot provide the services that you need can refer you to other programs that can. Being assessed at a facility with a strong referral program may mean that you have a better chance at the right treatment.

Family Support and Involvement Options

Addiction is a problem that most people do not overcome alone. Your family is likely very aware of your addiction and wants to find a way to help you. A good rehab in Chattanooga, TN involves your family in the treatment process. Having family members involved in treatment can help in several ways. These include:

  • Providing motivation to continue
  • Offering perspectives from other people
  • Contributing context to things that contributed to your addiction
  • Exposing family members to your side of events
  • Building a base of support for post-rehab needs

A strong rehab program should also have support resources for families. Family members are your most direct avenue for support after you leave a rehab program. Family members need a way of learning about addiction and how they can help you. The rehab program should have classes or other resources for preparing your family for this. In many cases, family members also need treatment and support. Close family members were likely affected by your addiction and could need mental health treatment to recover. The program should focus on helping them as well so that everyone recovers and can focus on long-term health.

Aftercare Planning

Recovery does not stop when you leave a rehab program. There are things that you must do to support your recovery over the long term. The rehab program should have an aftercare planning process to help you be successful. Aftercare planning happens when you sit down with a counselor to develop a plan for your long-term recovery. The counselor can help you find other programs that can offer long-term support, such as local support groups. Having a plan in place significantly improves your chances of having support and staying sober.

Group Therapy Options

Group therapy options are essential to your recovery. Most people struggling with addiction try to keep it a secret. This can lead to a weak understanding of addiction and a feeling that you are the only one trying to recover. Group therapy gives you a different perspective on your own recovery and addiction. It stops addiction from being a secret so that you can openly seek help. It can also be helpful to see other people trying to recover in the same way as you are. This can be motivating and keep you from feeling alone in the process. Feeling alone or isolated can hurt your progress and commitment to a full recovery. Group therapy directly changes that by bringing you together with other people in the same situation as you. Planning your addiction treatment at a rehab in Chattanooga, TN can give you the best chance for recovery. Every rehab program is different, which is why you need to look closely at all of the options before making a decision. You can learn more about Chattanooga’s rehab options by contacting Harmony Oaks Recovery Center.

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