How to Choose the Right Chattanooga Alcohol Treatment - Part 3

Part 3: How to Choose an Alcohol Treatment Center

What Type of Help Do We Need?

  You know that you or someone you love needs Chattanooga alcohol treatment. The next step is figuring out what type of help is needed. Most people who are drinking regularly will need some type of detox process. It is important to note that quitting alcohol abruptly, i.e. the “cold turkey” method is dangerous. You should NEVER attempt to detox off alcohol without guidance or treatment from a medical professional.

Alcohol is one of the few drugs that have potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms. Best case scenario, detox at home is extremely uncomfortable. Worst-case scenario, someone could have a seizure or a stroke and die. So first and foremost, remember that when it comes to detox, you MUST have the advice and support of a medical professional. The safest scenario is a medical detox under supervision. In that case, the patient usually stays at a Chattanooga alcohol treatment detox overnight with 24-hour supervision.

A detox stay for alcohol usually takes anywhere from 4-7 days, but this varies depending on the person’s needs and other factors. The other things to consider are if the person may have another mental health condition, in addition to the Alcohol Use Disorder. This is what’s called a co-occurring disorder. It is much more common than most people realize. Many people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health disorders “self-medicate” with alcohol. If this is the case, you will want to look for dual-diagnosis treatment.

You want a Chattanooga alcohol treatment program that has board-certified psychiatrists and therapists on staff. This is very important for a number of reasons. To have the best possible chance at recovery, it is vital that any co-occurring disorder is diagnosed and treated along with the Alcohol Use Disorder. Otherwise, there is a greater risk of relapse after treatment.

The Admissions Process in a Nutshell

  • Insurance Verification.
  • Clinical Intake (over the phone).
  • Approval and Packing for Treatment.
  • Travel
  • Admission to the Program.

How Do I Know What to Look for in an Alcohol Treatment Program?

  In considering a Chattanooga alcohol treatment program, you want to be sure you get all that you need. First, the program should have the ability to detox or an affiliation with a dedicated alcohol detox center. Second, it’s best to seek a dual-diagnosis Chattanooga alcohol treatment program. That way even if there is a co-occurring diagnosis you aren’t aware of, it can be diagnosed and treated properly.

Accreditation from the Joint Commission is also something to look for. This gives you assurances that the treatment program meets the highest standards for patient care. State licensing is equally important. A program that offers sober living accommodations for patients in the Partial-Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient phases of treatment can be especially helpful. A reputable sober living home provides additional structure for the patient while in treatment. It allows them to spend time with other patients outside of treatment and work on building fellowship.

It also makes relapse much less likely.  Finally, your Chattanooga alcohol treatment facility should have thorough aftercare planning and an alumni department. The aftercare plan is a sort of road map to recovery after treatment. This is very important because the first few weeks and months outside treatment put new recovery to the test. Having a solid plan in place and an alumni department you can rely on really helps you stay on course in these early days.

To review, here are some key components you should be looking for:

  • Access to a Chattanooga alcohol treatment detox.
  • Able to treat co-occurring disorders, like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.
  • Joint Commission accredited and fully licensed by the State of Tennessee.
  • Offers sober living accommodations for PHP and IOP especially.
  • Complete aftercare planning and alumni department support.

How Do I Get Started Finding Alcohol Treatment in Chattanooga?

  The next thing to think about is what your options are. What resources do you have for treatment? Do you have health insurance? You can find out what your health insurance will cover with a free insurance verification by following this link. That’s usually a good idea to get out of the way early on because it’s one less thing to worry about.

What other resources do you have to help you or your loved one get the help they need? Are there any family members or friends who would be able to help with finances? This may be anything from deductibles and co-pays to helping pay a month or two of rent and utilities while someone is in treatment. How about watching pets or making sure a home or apartment is secure, picking up the mail etc.? Make a list of people and who might be able to help with what. Finally, it’s a good idea to check in with the admissions department with any questions and to see what else should be on your list to prepare.

Here’s a quick checklist:

  • If you have health insurance, get a quick verification done here to know what is covered.
  • Check with family and friends for financial support for treatment. Give them a chance to help.
  • Make a list of other non-financial support needed and who may be able to assist with those items.
  • Contact the admissions department to get questions answered.

Making the Next Move

  So, you’ve made it this far. Congratulations!  By now you know that you or the person you love is at least willing to consider attending a Chattanooga alcohol treatment program. If you are the person who needs help, you will confide in at least one trusted person about your condition. You’re willing to ask for and accept help. That is HUGE. If you’re trying to help someone else, then you spoke to them and established trust and empathy.

They understand you are not blaming them. You are in their corner and there to support their recovery. Now you know what features you are looking for in an alcohol treatment program in Chattanooga. You have also started a checklist of resources to gather to prepare for treatment. This includes people you can ask for financial and other types of support. You are well on your way towards getting the help you or your loved one deserves! 

The final step is getting ready to enter treatment and knowing what to expect after your Chattanooga alcohol treatment is complete. If you have any questions about treatment for alcoholism, please give Harmony Oaks Recovery Center a call or connect with us via our contact page.   Please continue to the final installment in this series:  Part IV:  Preparing for Treatment and Life in Recovery

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