How to Choose the Right Chattanooga Alcohol Treatment - Part 2

Part 1: Alcohol Treatment Decisions and Results

The Decision to Get Help

  Few people enter the decision to get alcohol treatment in Chattanooga or treatment for a drug problem lightly. You are considering Chattanooga alcohol treatment for yourself or someone else you care deeply for. That is most likely why you are reading this. Chances are a long and bumpy road leads you here. The good news is, you’re here. You made it this far! Not everyone does. That fact alone means you have hope and with good reason. You know there is a way to escape the pain of the alcoholic lifestyle. Or at minimum, you are willing to believe there is a way.

Even if it may be one of the most difficult things you or your loved one ever does, there is a way out. Believe it or not, simply getting to the point where you’ve made the decision to get Chattanooga alcohol treatment is the hardest part for most people. Coming to terms with the fact that you cannot continue down the lonely path you’re on without grave consequences isn’t easy. No one wants to believe they have lost the power of control when it comes to controlling drinking.

That they are somehow different from countless other people they watch drink in moderation, seemingly without consequence. But you know this to be true if you take an objective look at the past months or years of your life. Whether you are examining your behavior or that of a loved one, it isn’t hard to see the damage and dysfunction.

Recognizing the Truth About Chattanooga Alcohol Treatment

  The ways in which alcohol and/or drugs it has derailed everyday life are apparent. The damage it is doing not only to your health, but to your relationships, career, education, finances and more. This is just accounting for the damage done to the person with an Alcohol Use Disorder.

Again, there is reason for hope. We know this for a fact, and it is for one simple reason. You are reading these words. Right now. Take a moment to consider that. It was no mistake that you clicked on this link after a search brought you here. You weren’t shopping for a new pair of sneakers. No. The only way you find yourself reading the words on this page is that, on some level, you accepted that you or someone you care about may need Chattanooga alcohol treatment.

Credit Where Credit is Due

That is something to feel good about. You not only accomplished that, but you have gone one step further in accepting that there is a solution. Finally, you are willing to take some action to access that solution for yourself or the person you love. These realizations and actions may seem simple, but they are profoundly important. The somber fact is that most people with an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) never get to that point.

They may stop drinking or cut down for periods of time. But without treatment and some sort of program of recovery, very, very few people with a drinking problem get sober and stay sober. The staying sober part is the key of course. That’s the trick. It’s not just putting the drink down. It’s managing not to pick it back up again. Acceptance usually happens in stages, however. A person may grudgingly accept that they might benefit from alcohol treatment in Chattanooga. It is important to recognize that this is not the same thing as fully recognizing the gravity of the situation. Sometimes a rigorous self-assessment can help sharpen the focus.  

Consider some of the signs that a person may need treatment.

Physical Signs:
  • Often waking up with a hangover.
  • Trouble sleeping without drinking in the evening.
  • Cold, clammy/sweaty skin when without alcohol.
  • Shaking or trembling when without alcohol.
  • Dizziness or unstable gait.
  • Craving alcohol when it isn’t present.
  • Dark circles under the eyes.
  • Bloodshot eyes.

Mental and Behavioral Signs:
  • Inappropriate giddiness.
  • Agitation and sudden anger.
  • Aggression and violence.
  • Blackouts or memory loss.
  • Irresponsible spending.
  • Risk-taking or reckless behavior.
  • Anxiety when without alcohol.
  • Sexual behavior which is inappropriate.

Do I Need Alcohol Treatment in Chattanooga?

  Ultimately this is a personal decision. When considering whether or not you or someone you care about needs Chattanooga alcohol treatment though, you should always seek a professional opinion. As an outside observer, you may be able to objectively assess someone else’s drinking. Or you may not. Most of us do not want to believe the worst about someone we love. Denial can be an especially dangerous thing here and it’s not only limited to the drinker. It’s much too easy to try and minimize the damage being done or the risks at hand.

The problem is similar for the alcoholic.   A person with an Alcohol Use Disorder may suspect they need a Chattanooga alcohol treatment program. But as the literature says, the disease of alcoholism is “cunning, baffling and powerful”. In this context, that means denial is a part of the illness itself. You might say that a person’s alcoholism “wants to keep them sick”. A person with an Alcohol Use Disorder may deceive, lie and obfuscate to protect their ability to continue drinking. Not only will they lie to others, but they will also lie to themselves.

The risk of denial on both sides must not be underestimated here. The truth is if you or the person in question is drinking regularly and exhibiting more than one or two of the signs listed above, they would likely benefit from alcohol treatment.  

What Else Do I Need to Know?

  Let’s look at what we know so far. We know that you or someone you love likely has a problem with alcohol. You are concerned enough to seek out more information about alcohol treatment. We know that there is some willingness here. Whether it is your willingness to consider getting alcohol treatment in Chattanooga for yourself, or the willingness to try and help someone else. That is enough to make our start.

The next step is arming yourself with the facts. This series of articles is designed to help you make an informed decision by laying out specifics and general ideas to consider. We will give you as much objective information as possible.   If you or someone you care about is considering Chattanooga alcohol treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Give Harmony Oaks Recovery Center a call or connect with us via our contact page and we will begin the healing together.   Please continue to the next installment in this series:  Part 2:  How Do I Get Alcohol Treatment for Myself or Someone Else?

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